18 Gauge 1-5/8″ Narrow Crown Stapler

Model: PST9040Q

Fasteners: 18 GA 1/4″ Narrow Crown Staple

Manual: PST9040Q Manual


Freeman’s PST9040Q 18 Gauge 1 5/8″ Narrow Crown Stapler features an oil-free design eliminating the need for daily lubrication. The quick jam release system allows you to clear out jams without the requirment of tools minimizing any downtime. With its die-cast aluminum housing and anodized aluminum internal parts and magazine, Teflon o-rings, one piece drive blade, and dual spring magazine, the Freeman stapler is the obvious choice among professional contractors and DIY’ers. The Freeman stapler is long lasting and delivers professional quality, making the PST9040Q ideal for crafts, molding, picture framing, and much more. Freeman combines affordable pricing with high quality products for the ultimate value in a tool.


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