1/4″ Angle Die Grinder

Model: FAT14ADG

Manual: FAT14ADG


Tackle polishing, cutting, grinding, de-burring, and porting jobs with the Freeman FAT14ADG air angle die Grinder. Designed for cutting sheet metal, plastics, composites, Siding, auto mufflers, bolts, screws, rivets, and more, the angle die Grinder delivers exceptional torque accuracy with ease. The FAT14ADG features a 1/4″ collet, a free speed of 20, 000 RPM, and comes equipped with a 360 degree adjustable exhaust, a self-locking throttle that prevents accidental start-up, and an adjustable 4-speed power regulator to match speed to job for precise control. The Tool’s right-angle configuration provides easy access to tight spots, so you can work virtually anywhere. Constructed of a durable aluminum to ensure a long tool life, the Freeman FAT14ADG is backed by a 7 year limited warranty and a 30 day wearable parts warranty.


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