35° Metal Connector

    Model: PMC250

    Fasteners: .131″ – .162″ GA 35° Tape Collated Positive Placement Nails

    Manual: PMC250

    Freeman’s metal connector nailer is the perfect tool for all types of metal connectors. Its exposed nail tip places the fastener point directly into connector holes for a speed and precision and the built-in safety prevents the tool from firing when not placed properly into the connector hole. The Freeman metal connector drives 2.5 in. 35-degree paper collated metal connector nails to secure any type of metal connector plate. The freeman metal connector gun has an anodized aluminum rail and cylinder, oil less Teflon O-rings, bypass end loading, plastic tail piece for durability, anti dry fire, built-in safety and belt hook. This tool is manufactured under the strict guidelines for quality control.


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