15-Gauge 34 Degree Angle 2″ Glue Collated Finish Nails (1000 count)

Model: AF1534-2
Compatible with: PFN1564



Freeman AF1534-2 15-Gauge 34 Degree Angle 2″ Finish Nails (1000 count) are are designed for finish work such as base boards, crown molding, trim, door and window casing, cabinetry, and furniture construction. Being galvanized and made of solid steel, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These finish nails are the pinnacle of quality and value, and are compatible with most 15 gauge nail guns capable of firing 2″ 34 degree glue collated finish nails – such as the Freeman PFN1564. Each box includes 1,000 finish nails to ensure you have plenty of fasteners at your fingertips while on the job.