20 Volt Cordless 16-Gauge 1″ Fencing Stapler (Tool Only) – 1300 Shots per Charge

Model: PE20VTFS16
Fasteners: 16 GA Fencing Staples
Accessories: 20 Volt Battery Adapters, 20 Volt Batteries, and
20 Volt Battery Chargers




The Freeman PE20VTFS16 20 Volt Cordless 16-Gauge 1″ Fencing Stapler (Tool Only) can drive up to 1300 fasteners per charge and 90 pieces per minute, and is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable 20 volt 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery (not included). The cordless electric design eliminates the need to be tethered to a loud and heavy air compressor, improving mobility around the house, ranch, farm, or jobsite. This staple gun is ideal for mesh and woven applications such as electrified single wire with insulation, vineyard trellising, snow control fencing, pet enclosures, and livestock fencing. Use the select fire button to toggle fast and easy between single sequential firing for precision or bump firing for speed. The depth of the fencing staples is adjusted by simply turning a wheel near the drive blade, and a quick jam release provides easy access clearing in the event of a jammed fastener. A wire alignment notch ensures accurate fastener placement for DIYers as well as construction contractors. The 20 Volt Cordless 16-Gauge 1″ Fencing Stapler (Tool Only) will increase your mobility and productivity when tackling home improvement and repair projects, and is covered by Freeman's Professional 1 Year Limited Warranty.