2nd Generation Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2″ Medium Crown Construction Stapler

Model: G2SS50
Fasteners: 16 GA Medium Crown Staples



Freeman’s all-new 2nd Generation 16-Gauge 2″ Medium Crown Construction Stapler has been completely redesigned with contractors’ needs in mind. Re-engineered internal components, top of the line features, and enhanced driving power make this construction stapler more powerful and reliable than ever before. Compatible with 16 gauge medium crown staples from 3/4″ to 2″, this pneumatic stapler delivers high-quality performance for your next project installing wall sheathing, roof decking, and subfloors, along with pallet and shipping crate assembly and general stapling applications.

Lightweight and resistant to damage, this stapler stands up to the toughest jobs thanks to the one piece hardened steel drive blade and scratch-resistant powder coating. Optimized airflow and upgraded internal parts provide increased power with less air consumption, while also allowing for quick and easy repairs. Designed for maximum comfort and control, this stapler features an updated textured grip, adjustable metal belt hook, select fire trigger to easily switch between bump and sequential modes, tool-free depth of drive for easy adjustments, and a quick release nose for easy jam clearing. The Freeman 2nd Generation Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2″ Medium Crown Construction Stapler is backed by an industry-leading 7 Year Professional Warranty and 90 Day Wearable Parts Warranty, and comes with a 1/4″ NPT connector, air tool oil, and adjustment tools.