3″ Concrete Drive Pins with Washers (100 Count)

Model: CNDPNW3
Compatible with: PE20VCNPN and PSSCP



Freeman CNDPNW3 3″ Concrete Drive Pins with Washers (100 Count) are designed for fastening wood, steel, or other thin metal to concrete walls, cement blocks, and poured concrete slabs fast and easy. Firing into green concrete (concrete poured less than 25 days prior) will provide the best results when tackling heavy duty jobs including basement renovations, garage updates, framing, securing plywood to concrete, steel banding, decking, fencing, subflooring, furring strips, hat channels, ceiling grids, and wire lathing installation. These concrete drive pins are galvanized and made of steel for strength and durability, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They are the pinnacle of quality and value, and are compatible with most single pin concrete nailers capable of driving Ramset and Hilti -style 3″ drive pins – such as Freeman’s PE20VCNPN and PSSCP. Each box includes 100 concrete drive pins to ensure you have plenty of fasteners at your fingertips while on the job.