Analog Tire Inflator With Oil-Filled Pressure Gauge

Model: FS4ATI



The Freeman FS4ATI Analog Tire Inflator with Oil-Filled Pressure Gauge provides precise PSI readings above and beyond the performance of a traditional dry pressure gauge. The oil-filled gauge mitigates the effects of vibration, prevents internal corrosion, and lubricates all moving parts, making it easier than ever to accurately monitor the pressure of your tires or other equipment. When used in conjunction with a pneumatic compressor, this tire inflator makes it easy to inflate equipment at home or in the shop, which will extend the life of vehicle tires and optimize gas mileage. The hourglass brass chuck securely locks on tires to prevent air leakage, and the 20″ flexible rubber hose and swivel hose connector makes it easy to use in tight spaces. Lightly squeeze and hold the trigger at the first position to deflate, or completely depress the trigger at the second position to inflate. The Analog Tire Inflator with Oil-Filled Pressure Gauge is constructed of a durable, lightweight composite nylon and rust-resistant fittings to ensure a long product life, and is covered by Freeman's 1 Year Professional Tool Warranty.