Digital Tire Inflator and High Flow Blow Gun Kit




The Freeman FATDTIBGK Digital Tire Inflator and High Flow Blow Gun Kit is an ideal pairing of pneumatic tools to keep the tires on your bike, car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV, and other vehicles properly inflated, while also handling heavy duty preparation or clean-up work around the garage, workshop, home, and job site. Securely connect the inflator to your tires using the brass lock-on chuck for precise measurements of air pressure in increments of 0.1 PSI, or switch to kPa, Bar, or Kg/cm². Connecting to an air compressor allows you to refill tires with an accuracy of +/- 1 PSI, and the flexible 20″ PVC / rubber hybrid hose and swivel hose connector allow the inflator to work even in tight spaces. Squeeze the pistol-style trigger to inflate your tires, or deflate by pressing and holding the pressure release button until your reach your desired pressure. The digital tire inflator is constructed of a durable, lightweight aluminum alloy and includes a rust resistant brass 1/4″ NPT fitting and two AAA batteries. The high flow blow gun can clean out hoses, pipes, and clogged lines, as well as move large amounts of debris – making it ideal for surface prep work or cleaning off items such as outdoor furniture, mowers, large machinery, and heavy equipment. The ergonomic pistol grip and variable flow trigger make this blow gun easy to use, and a 7″ extension is included for hard-to-reach locations. The Digital Tire Inflator and High Flow Blow Gun Kit will help you extend the life of your tires and optimize gas mileage, along with keeping your workspace and equipment clean and free from debris.