Multi-Purpose Trim Cutter with Built-In Miter Guide

Model: PMPTC
Accessories: Multi-Purpose Trim Cutter Replacement Blade



The Freeman PMPTC Multi-Purpose Trim Cutter is ideal for making fast and easy cuts through quarter round trim, PVC, and wood. Use it for applications such as putting down tacking strips or installing tile trim. This rugged and lightweight hand tool has a convenient built-in miter guide for the precise cutting of zero, 22.5, and 45 degree angles. The durable cutting blade is replaceable to extend the life of this versatile trim cutter, and can also be removed to sharpen. The non-slip handle has a rubber grip to increase control and accuracy when making cuts. Spring-loaded for ease of use, the handle locks for safety and protects the cutting blade when not in operation. The Multi-Purpose Trim Cutter is a great tool for DIYers taking on home improvement and repair projects as well as construction contractors at the job site, and will allow you to complete finish trim work projects quickly and with professional results.