Pneumatic 16-Gauge 1″ Wide Crown Stapler

Model: PWC50
Fasteners: 16 GA 1″ Wide Crown Staples



The Freeman PWC50 Pneumatic 16-Gauge 1″ Wide Crown Stapler is specifically designed for heavy duty stapling applications such as lathing, stucco, roofing, sheathing, truss assembly, foam board insulation, house wrap, fencing, furniture framing, pallets, cabinet frames, and general construction. This air powered tool is compatible with SENCO, Hitachi, Duo-Fast, SpotNails SENCO-Hitachi style, and B&C Eagle 16 gauge glue collated 1″ wide crown staples from 5/8″ to 2″ in length. A lightweight magnesium body combined with a one piece drive blade of hardened steel results in a durable and rugged staple gun great for long shifts at the job site or tackling home improvement and repair projects. Built for contact actuation bump firing, a fire lock for safety prevents accidental firing when not in use. A quick jam release allows for easy access clearing in the event of a jammed fastener, avoiding delays and increasing productivity. The driving depth of the staples is easily adjustable for various applications by simply turning a wheel near the trigger. Other features include an easy to load top-loading magazine with a pull back pusher, a comfort grip handle to reduce vibrations and impact while increasing control, and an air filter / anti-dust cap to keep interior components free of debris and extend the life of the tool. The Pneumatic 16-Gauge 1″ Wide Crown Stapler is ideal for DIYers as well as professional construction contractors, includes air tool oil and adjustment tools, and is covered by Freeman's 7 Year Limited Parts Warranty and 90 Day Limited Parts Warranty.